Food in New Jersey is like no other food in the world. With several cultural influences and a dense population to please, New Jersey is known for great flavors from our fresh garden fruits and vegetables to our varied authentic local cuisine. We make amazing pizza, bagels, subs, seafood and more to have many of our foods and restaurants ranked high above the rest. We even have our own unique foods that are hard to find anywhere else such as Taylor Ham pork roll. If you're planning a New Jersey Super Bowl party, skip the trip to a chain restaurant and shop locally for fresh and traditional New Jersey specialties that your guests will love!

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The combination of our close proximity to New York and our own strong Italian roots means that pizza from New Jersey is authentic and quite delicious. Pizza is a party must-have for any occasion, so a Super Bowl party is no exception. The best part is that good Italian restaurants in New Jersey are a dime a dozen, so getting a pizza for your party is simple and affordable.


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Whether you call it a hoagie, sub or hero (depending on what part of New Jersey you represent), the sandwich on an Italian roll is a staple at any Super Bowl Party, especially a party in New Jersey. With so many options, you can complete your meal with a traditional Italian, meatball, sausage and peppers or even a nearby specialty - the Philly cheese steak.



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New Jersey's love of tomatoes comes from our pride in producing some of the world's best right here in the Garden State. As a result, we've become tomato connoisseurs and we know the importance of great tomatoes to compliment many of our favorite foods. Use delicious tomatoes for items like salsa, taco salad (or Greek or Italian salad), bruschetta, or chili. Top off your sandwiches and bagels, or pair tomatoes with a great cheese like mozzarella for a pre-meal snack.

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Buffalo wings are a Super Bowl party necessity and if you're in New Jersey then you're in luck. Not only do most local Italian restaurants also make fantastic wings, there are hundreds of places that specialize in the art of producing some pretty amazing wings all over the entire state. Before placing your Super Bowl party order, use resources like Yelp, Urbanspoon and Social Media pages for opinions and reviews from a local wing restaurant near you.

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While you might commonly think of bagels as a breakfast-only option, when they're made fresh in New Jersey, the fact is that they are hard to resist at any time of the day.  Give your guests all the options: traditional bagels with cream cheese, butter or lox, bagel sandwiches, pizza bagels, etc. If you're really feeling the New Jersey theme, get some Taylor Ham Pork Roll to top your bagels and you can't go wrong!


Of course, it's not a Super Bowl party without chips, dip, beer or sweets as well! Can you think of another essential food item to have at a "New Jersey" Super Bowl party? Tell us below in the comments!