As we digest what happened in Paris on Friday night, it's difficult to explain the senseless acts of evil that killed and wounded hundreds of people. In light of this, child therapist Dan Zykorie called to share some tips for talking to your kids about terrorist attacks.

According to Zykorie, children often become aware of terrorist attacks through school and media, so it's important to first find out what they know in order to respond appropriately.

If the current events are triggering sleep disturbance, headaches, stomachaches, or other physical manifestations of distress in a child, Zykorie suggests giving them another outlet to express themselves, rather than just talking about it. Maintaining a routine is important, he says, and activities like coloring and playing outside can help a child vent and cope with their feelings.

For adults with a predisposition to anxiety or other mental health problems, Zykorie recommends connecting with a therapist or other supportive person to work through your reaction to the current event.

"If we internalize our worries and our fears, they change our behaviors, our mood- they make us unable to sleep regularly, eat regularly, and things like that. It's important to take that seriously and make sure you're speaking with professionals," said Zykorie.

If you have tips for dealing with a stressful or shocking event, leave them in the comments below.

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