For whatever reason, comic Vinnie Brand refers to women as "broads."  I think Jessica Nutt and Jill Myra are used to it by now...I think.

Today on the air was no different as the conversation about a bet that was placed on who would cancel plans first between me and Vinnie.  A few months ago, Vinnie and I had a lengthy discussion about scheduling a dinner with our wives.  Jessica and Jill listened in as we struggled to find dates that worked with our crazy schedules.  Now, Jessica knows me well enough after the past four years at Chasing News to have placed a safe bet with Jill that I'd be the one to cancel and move the date first. Jessica was half right, but it was enough to win the bet with Jill.

The betting continued into the morning as Vinnie and Adam Geller placed another bet on who would become New Jersey's next Governor.

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