If tonight's major Oscar nominees don't win the "hardware", they'll get one heck of a consolation prize.

Getty Images Entertainment / Kevin Winter

This years goodie bag is worth a whopping $80,000.

The bag is filled with crazy, over the top gifts.  I'll tell you about the contents in a moment.

Here's the deal on who receives this opulent party favor.  The bag of gifts will be given to the nominees who don't win for best actress, best actor, best supporting actor and actress, and best director.

Until I did my research, I thought everyone who attends the Oscars would walk away with the loot.  Silly me.

Here's just some of the outrageous stuff the "losers" will take home.

A bunch of trips that include a five night stay at a luxury villa in Kauai.  How about a best of Las Vegas tour that's worth nine thousand bucks?  A walking tour of Japan.  Here's another one.  A scenic Canadian train ride  through the Rocky Mountains.

Here are some goodies for the tummy.

There's chocolate dipped bacon, organic apple honey, Aviv vodka, wine, weight loss bars, organic maple syrup, and herbal tea lollypops.

The list is really overwhelming, so here are some miscellaneous items.

A home spa system

A Home water filtration system

Swiss made watch

Lifetime membership to a meditation gym

Mace pepper spray guns

House call from an acupuncturist

Here's the most expensive goodie in the bag...

A hair restoration procedure worth sixteen thousand dollars.

Here's one cliche we'll hear tonight.  "I'd like to thank The Academy."

And one we won't hear.  "The rich get richer."