Starting tomorrow, July 27th, until August 12th, the 2012 London Olympics will be underway. While the Olympic Games are the end all be all for competition and national pride in some countries around the world, other countries have different priorities. Like us for example.

Think about it. Aside from the USA Basketball Team, consisting of a plethora of NBA superstars, does anyone really know the names of who is competing in other sports? As American sports fans, we have the pennant race in baseball and training camp in the NFL. Not to mention, offseasons that consist of tons of trades and free agent signings in both the NHL and NBA.

I can guarantee you that more people would rather watch SportsCenter waiting to find out where Dwight Howard will end up than watch the Badminton quarterfinals in the Olympics. I'm not knocking the sport of Badminton here, it's just not something we as Americans are used to watching.

Am I completely un-American by admitting that I have absolutely no interest in anything going on in London for the next few weeks? If the USA wins in a certain event, I'll be happy, but I'm not going pretend like I was hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for the end result.

With the Olympic Games commencing tomorrow, I want to know how many New Jerseyans will be locked in for its entirety. Let us know by taking the poll below.