The first major revamping of school lunch guidelines is coming soon to a smelly cafeteria near you. Yes I said smelly. Maybe it was just the schools I went to, but didn't you always have the feeling you were walking into some dark institutionalized place? Like the mess hall of a maximum security prison? The odd odor combination of inferior food, latex gloves, and the kid who didn't bathe enough bouncing off the cinder block walls was more than I could take. I think I'd rather eat in the bathroom. But I digress.

The new guidelines ban most trans fats, have calorie caps for the very first time, offer a greater variety of fruits and vegetables. Milk will have to be low in fat. Sodium is being reduced. Are we all seeing more brown bagging it in our kids' futures? Read more about the changes here.

The good news is pizza, a New Jersey staple, isn't gone from the menu. And the tomato paste on the pizza will still be counted as a vegetable. Now if we can just get them to serve it cold and for breakfast and from Tucky's in Linden we've got a deal!