This weekend, my sons and I (my wife and daughter were at another play) went to the Shore Fire Grille in Barnegat because I had read that they have great hamburgers. I ordered their “5 Star” burger, which the menu says is made with a “mix of angus, short rib, and brisket.”

Bill Doyle photo

It comes with caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, and horseradish cheddar cheese. It was really, really good. The patty was big (I’m guessing 1/2 pound, but the menu doesn’t say), well cooked and flavorful, with a great grilled taste. The bun was really good, although my older son got his burger on a pretzel roll and wasn’t too impressed. I will definitely be going back to the Shore Fire Grille again, they make a great burger.