There are experts weighing in on the Thanksgiving holiday giving advice that people should refrain from conversation that may lead to debate and stick to subjects like popular culture and sports.

What?!? Have we devolved so far as a society that we can no longer have an adult conversation? What happened to being able to discuss serious subjects with friends and relatives? Who better to have a conversation with regarding the future?

It's time for us to grow up as a society and recognize that "safe spaces" are killing our ability to communicate and decide serious issues.

Decisions come from varying opinions. If we all held the exact same principles, beliefs and conclusions, there would be no strife or disagreement. It's critical that we go back to basics. Talk through issues, explore reasons for disagreements. Work through our problems and find common ground. Stop short of throwing mashed potatoes at the person on the other side of the table and hold off on the name calling. But talk. Debate. Disagree. It's a part of what we call a conversation.

Don't miss the opportunity in your busy life to engage with people that share a similar background with you. They're family. You many not agree, but you're family. And finding common ground is a part of any good conversation.

So disregard the people telling you not to engage. Enjoy the holiday and enjoy a little spirited conversation. Let's face it, we have no choice. What's a safe conversation these days anyway? Sports? That will inevitably lead to a discussion of the NFL and taking a knee. Movies? Sexual harassment. Weather? Climate change. You can't avoid controversy. So embrace it and learn to disagree in a thoughtful, measured way.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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