Fox Broadcaster Terry Bradshaw is learning a lot about New Jersey and he's not even in the state yet. The one thing Bradshaw is learning real quickly: don't diss Jersey.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Terry Bradshaw, who will be in New Jersey as part of the Fox pregame show for Super Bowl XLVIII, got himself in some hot water recently for referring to the game as "New York Super Bowl."

On a Thursday conference call, a New Jersey TV newswoman asked why Bradshaw wasn't giving any love to our state.

Bradshaw joked "You're already mad at me, huh? I'll just stay home and won't have to worry about lovin' nobody." Bradshaw continued, "Honestly, I’m confused. I know the game is in New Jersey. I know that. I had said Super Bowl in New York. I had said Super Bowl in New Jersey. I’ve tried not to be disrespectful to either. But you’re right, it’s in New Jersey and I have a habit of saying New York.”

Playing devil's advocate of r amoment, it's not easy for someone not from the tri-state area to remember that even though both local NFL teams have a prefix of "New York" ahead of their names, they still both play their homes games in the GArden State.

But Bradshaw says, rest easy New Jersey, he will make amends. “I have the 'Tonight Show' [Friday] night, first thing out I’m going to say I can’t wait to get to New Jersey. You watch.”

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