A 16 year old Philadelphia High School girl wearing a Mitt Romney was asked to leave her Philadelphia High School classroom by a teacher who compared it to the KKK.


Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Samantha Pawlucy said she had been scolded by her teacher Lynettte Gaymon for wearing a Republican shirt in a Democratic school. Gaymon also compared wearing the Romney/Ryan shirt to teachers wearing a Ku Klux Klan Top.


This has created a firestorm with Samantha, who’s afraid to return to school Tuesday.         Her mother Kristine says her daughter is getting taunted and threatened on Facebook and on Friday when they were at the school, students were cursing at them and giving them the finger


The teacher is allegedly getting threatening phone calls and her aunt says she was only joking.


I give Samantha Pawlucy a lot of credit for standing up for her freedom to wear the shirt despite an authority figure representing the school telling her not to, and reinforcing her point with racial slurs. She lived and learned a valuable freedom of speech lesson that she never should have been in a position to deal with.


The teacher has been removed from her post and the school district is investigating what happened. Take our poll and let us know how you would handle it.