Craig Allen’s New Music Favorites
Seeing as I play music for a living, and talk about it, I am often asked what music I LIKE!
I've always been very attuned to the hits...of all decades. To me, that's the 1960's right through today.
I not only play, but am a big fan of "Jersey's Favorite Hits" (it …
Craig Allen’s Prince stories
I was driving into New Jersey 101.5 Thursday afternoon, when Dennis Malloy "broke" the news of the passing of Prince Rogers Nelson.
Before I could get to the station, I already had several texts to respond to...as the sad news spread like wildfire...
5 Hit Movie Songs on a Music In Film Weekend
All weekend, New Jersey 101.5 is putting the spotlight on music from the movies!
And, it just wouldn't be right not to shine the first spotlight on one of Jersey's own!
Frankie Valli "Grease"  (#1/1978) from the movie "Grease"
Frankie Valli was born Fr…
Craig Allen says: ‘Meet Level 42′
Level 42 is an English pop-rock and jazz-funk band that formed in the late 1970's, and would have their biggest worldwide hits in the 1980's.
Further, their biggest hit in England wasn't their biggest hit in the "states!"
Peeps: Fresh or Stale?
"Peeps" have long been a part of the Easter Season!  Just enjoy them.. and try not to think what LOTS of these sugary, marshmallow "chicks" can do to your teeth...and your waistline!

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