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Christie, Democrats at odds over tax cuts and hikes
In his State of the State Address, Gov. Chris Christie called on the Democrat-controlled NJ Legislature to lower taxes while also pledging to veto any income tax increase he gets from lawmakers. Democratic leaders fired back and said the governor has to consider every revenue-raising option to help …
NJ Treasurer Explains Tax Cut Benefits [AUDIO]
New Jersey will collect $2.75 billion less in revenue than Gov. Chris Christie originally anticipated through the end of the next fiscal year, but his treasurer told the Assembly Budget Committee on Wednesday that an argument could still be made for tax cuts.
Novel Idea for NJ: How About a Tax Cut? [AUDIO]
With talk coming out of Trenton in recent weeks about some top Democrats who want to discuss hiking the gas and millionaires' taxes, one legislator actually wants to lower a tax we all pay -- but history shows the possibility of success is not high.
Chris Christie and the Politics of a Tax Cut [AUDIO]
By and large, New Jersey Democrats have worked well with Gov. Chris Christie since he took office, but many insiders believe they'll be less likely to play ball with the governor in his second term. One pundit says even if Democrats decide not to bend to Christie's will, it might not hurt …
Assembly GOP Leader Talking Tax Cut [AUDIO]
Assembly GOP Leader Jon Bramnick feels that Governor Christie's landslide victory sends a clear message that the people of the Garden State like what Christie stands for, and if that's the case ,they must want the tax cut the governor's been asking for.

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