Gun Laws

Study: NJ’s gun death rate among lowest in the nation
A new study by the Violence Policy Center finds states that have weak gun laws and higher rates of gun ownership also have the highest overall gun death rates in the country. The study, which used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Injury Prevention and Co…
SCOTUS: Proxy Gun Purchases Violate US Law
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A divided Supreme Court sided with gun control groups and the Obama administration Monday, ruling that the federal ban on "straw" purchases of guns can be enforced even if the ultimate buyer is legally allowed to own a gun.
Man Pleads Innocent in Exchange Student’s Death
A Montana man trying to catch the thieves who targeted his house pleaded not guilty Wednesday to deliberately killing a 17-year-old German exchange student who entered his garage, a case that ignited debate about laws allowing people to kill to protect their property.

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