When the day has finally come to move in to the dorms at college, I will tell you this right now: you will forget something. I lived my first two days of college without light, because my roommate and I forgot to bring light bulbs along with our lamps. We weren't the only ones either believe it or not.

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There are so many things that can be forgotten when packing for college, but hopefully with this list that number can be reduced and you won’t end up living in the dark like me.
Below are the top items that are usually forgotten, but are necessary to live in a dorm.

  • Light Bulbs

Obvious, right? I would have thought so too. But there I was buying a ten pack of them once I moved in. Side note; buy a good amount of light bulbs. I blew out around 6 over the course of the year. But then again, maybe that was just because I always forgot to turn my lights off.

  • Batteries

There’s nothing worse than being in math class, opening that brand new calculator, and having it not turn on because you forgot those four AAA’s. Not only will the person sitting next to you laugh, but you will actually have to do all math in your head now. Been a while since that happened huh?

  • School supplies

It’s shocking how many people actually forget that they will need notebooks and such, since the point of college is to get an education. Although it’s easy to just focus on the dorm, walking into your first class with nothing doesn't exactly scream model student to your professor.

  • An Office Chair

Now I wouldn't exactly call this one necessary, since many colleges provide desk chairs, but it makes studying and sitting way more comfortable. I had one and all my friends fought over it! Not only does it make it comfortable to study for long periods but they are awesome to race down the hallway.

  • Office Supplies

Believe or not, professors don’t accept the whole fold the corner of the paper attempt to keep an essay together. Things such as a stapler, paper clips, sticky notes, and a ruler are used all the time. I carry small versions of each in my backpack, so if I forget to staple something I have a quick fix.

  • A Planner

Between activities with clubs, sports, and school, time management is really important. Keeping track of everything and staying on track by using a calendar is really helpful. I kept a huge desk calendar to help me stay organized. Sure, my friends made fun of me for this ancient way of keeping track of things, but it worked for me. Whether it’s a desk calendar, a planner, or even your phone, make sure you have something to stay organized.

These items are only to name a few that are usually forgotten among college students. Again, you will forget something, which is why going to the store after move-in is practically part of the process anyway. All you really need is time to figure out what works for you, what you need and what you don’t need. Once you fall into a comfortable state in the dorm, move-in and preparedness for other semesters will be a piece of cake.

What do you recommend bringing to college? Please tell us in the comment section below