college prep

Surviving College: Where to Start
Congratulations! You have now made it through all the shopping, and have officially moved into college. Now comes the hard part of officially being on your own as your parents drive away. The minute your parents leave you alone is the moment of realization that you are starting your college career. …
Surviving College: What Did You Forget?
When the day has finally come to move in to the dorms at college, I will tell you this right now: you will forget something. I lived my first two days of college without light, because my roommate and I forgot to bring light bulbs along with our lamps. We weren't the only ones either believe it…
Surviving College: On A Budget
The list for a college dorm room can certainly add up, which means the bill can too. However, there are many things to save on and buy generic that work just as well as its expensive competitors.