There was an old ad campaign for the state that started in the 80's whose tag line was, "New Jersey and you, perfect together". It lasted a couple of decades until someone suggested a new one, and there hasn't been a decent one since.

But there's something about being in a Jersey diner on a Sunday morning that seems to go perfectly together. Whether it's 2am Sunday morning after all the bars and clubs close or 10:30 and it's on the way home from wherever you ended up Saturday night.

For most members of my family, it's usually sometime after church when we meet up with my parents and share breakfast. Other than my parents and my sister and her husband (God Bless both of them), the rest of us don't manage to make it to church every Sunday, (okay, hardly ever) but we make it for the post game show at a local diner.

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My dad was a big "Sunday is family day" kinda guy when we were growing up. Every Sunday after church( we had to go choice!) he would take us all to a diner for breakfast. I didn't think much of it then and I'm sure I didn't appreciate the family time and how important it was. Maybe that's why I tend to savor the time I still get to spend there with them now, all these years later.

There's something about seeing the different clientele from all walks and every stage of life that makes it special. All ages, colors, and sizes of parties seem to want the same thing...a reasonably priced meal at a reliable place that's right on the highway.

We have a lot of highways in this small state and the most diners in the world. I've exchanged many a pleasant word with total strangers in Jersey diners on a Sunday morning. Maybe it's because it's Sunday. Maybe because it's a day after a day off? Or maybe it's just that we all realize how lucky we are to be where we are, with who we're with on Sunday morning.

If you haven't been in a while, some Sunday morning invite a friend or member of your family that you don't see too often and meet them at a Jersey diner. Maybe I'll see you there.

P.S. If you look closely at the picture of my parents, that glass of water in front of my folks has two straws in it. One for each of them. Yeah, I know. It makes the waitresses all weepy and ooh and ahh. #VeryLuckyIKnow

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