Rain and the media greeted students attending Friday night's Readington Middle School dance following the strapless dress controversy.

Readington Middle School on Friday night (WNYW TV)

TV cameras were kept at a distance over privacy concerns as students arrived at the school for pictures and to catch a bus to Razberry's in Kingwood Township where the dance took place according to the Star Ledger.

Superintendent Barbara Sargent kept the media away from the drop off point because some parents do not allow their children to be photographed and she did not have the list.

Student seemed to be observing the ban on strapless dresses although some students & parents were still not happy. "You should be able to strapless but if the principal says you have to wear straps you have to wear straps," one parent told News 12 New Jersey.

A Somerset County Superior Court judge this week upheld the Readington Township Board of Education’s ban on strapless dresses which was implemented by the school's principal, Sharon Moffat, who said they would be "distracting" to boys. Some parents said such a statement was sexist while others said they had already purchased their daughters’ dresses.

A compromise was reached at a May BOE meeting in which strapless dresses would be allowed as long as the dress included a clear or single spaghetti strap.