After getting an earful from students and parents, the Readington School board will review the ban on strapless dresses at the eighth grade dinner dance.

Strapless dresses discussed at school board meeting in Readington. (Photo by Ilya Hemlin, Townsquare Media)

Parents, students, as well as reporters and TV crews, joined Tuesday night’s meeting regarding the infamous rule.

Many of the parents in attendance did not have as much of an issue with a ban, so much as the wording from Principal Sharon Moffat, who said the gowns would be distracting to boys.

“It’s very concerning to me to think that someone can think that way,” said parent Michele D’Amico.  “That someone’s dress would affect someone else’s’ behavior. That’s sexual discrimination.”

Harry Nijenhuis was appalled by the rule.

"What bothers me most about it is it’s implicating that no matter how a woman dressed, if something happens to them it’s their fault.”

Numerous students spoke during the meeting, echoing the various sentiments. One of the biggest concerns was the rule being introduced only several months before the actual dance, which meant girls, who bought their dresses ahead of time, were left high and dry.

“Just because a dress has not strap doesn’t mean it’s inappropriate,” Claudine Nijenhuis (daughter of Harry).

A point which parent, Betty Higgley backed up, pointing out “a fair number of people here wore strapless gowns to church.”

School Board president David Livingston said they will review the rule and make a decision on it at the next meeting, May 14th, one month before the dance.