The Readington Board of Education has reached a compromise over the ban on strapless dresses to an 8th grade dance.

Readington Board of Education meeting (WNYW TV)

After voting on two motions that the ended in a tie, the board voted a third time, this time allowing  students to still expose their shoulders by wearing dresses with a clear or single spaghetti strap to the Readington Middle School's June dance according to   WABC TV.

Ironically the compromise was put forth by principal Sharon Moffat who wanted the ban in place to avoid possible wardrobe malfunctions that could be caused by a strapless dress reports the Hunterdon County Democrat.

"The board and also the administration have agreed with us that it's basically a wardrobe malfunction and it's an issue of safety," explained Board of Education President David Livingston to WFMZ TV who expressed concern about video of such a malfunction going viral.

Readington Middle School (WNYW TV)

Some parents were still upset that the board did not discuss other dress issues. "They didn't mention dress length, they didn't mention backless," parent Melissa May told WFMZ TV "And I'm sorry but there's more of a possibility of a wardrobe malfunction with a short dress."

A review panel that will include both students and parents will be created to come up with a dress code for future dances.

Parents were  upset at Moffat when she prohibited the dresses because she said they distract boys. Some parents said such a statement was sexist while others said they had already purchased their daughters' dresses.

An email threat made to Moffat led to the cancellation of a dance last Friday at the school.