Here's some good news when it comes to taxes in New Jersey. Governor Chris Christie says he's wading through over a hundred different specialty taxes to give you some of your money back.

During a town hall in Ocean County, the governor was asked about the exit tax and all the other miscellaneous taxes in the state.

"Its on a list of things for me to get to in the next two years. My first priority was to cut business taxes, this year I'm focusing on an income tax, which we're going to do, then we can focus on some of these specialty taxes like the estate and inheritance tax, the exit tax."

Christie says he's trying to chip away year by year at the hundreds of taxes and fee increases that he says Democrats raised under the eight years they were in power in the state.

"They came up with new taxes for everything...every time you turned around it was something else they were taxing. At least a third of my town halls someone brings up the exit tax."

He said he's prioritized what he thinks will help residents so far, including cutting business taxes and working this year on an income tax cut.

"Specialty taxes I will be considering in the fiscal year 2014 budget. These are the taxes that either prevent people from staying here, or be able to afford to live here. A friend of mine said its not that he can't afford to stay here its that he can't afford to die here, with the high inheritance tax...and when you have a reputation like that, something needs to change."