State Senate President Steve Sweeney insists his tax relief plan is different than the Governor's, and the two are not on the same page, but Governor Christie insists Sweeney is "overstating it."

During last night's "Ask the Governor" show, Christie said "we're both talking about cutting income taxes - his is an income tax credit of 10 percent - mine is a rate reduction of 10 percent...I understand he has to say his is about property taxes, but it's going to show up on your income tax form - it's going to show up as a credit on your income taxes - it's an income tax cut."

He also said "it's going to be a question of who gets the tax credits, who gets the break - is it going to be everybody, or just some people - I'd like to see everybody get it - he'd like to see just some people get it."

Christie pointed out "I think there's area for compromise there - I think we've got areas where we can find some agreement, where we can compromise with each other- he's got his position, I've got my position -we both obviously feel like our positions are correct...but the question is, what do we care about the most? I'll tell you what I care about the most is that the people of New Jersey this year get some tax relief- they need to get some tax relief and they need to get some tax relief and they need to know for the next few years they're going to get more."

The Governor said he understands he won't get everything he wants but "when did I ever get everything I wanted? I mean I just haven't...every step along the way I've shown my willingness to compromise -despite what some of the more partisan members of the democratic party try to paint about me...I'm very encouraged about the possibility of getting that done, and I'm going to work as hard as I can to find compromise with reasonable people in the have to bring people together by firmly stating a position and be willing to stand by your principals, but you also have to know when you can compromise and not violate those principals."

He also said the Assembly plan to fund a property tax from a millionaires tax is DOA because "we're not raising taxes on anyone in New Jersey."

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