Most toddlers have some attachment object. Something that gives them comfort and is their constant companion. It's usually something like a small teddy bear, or a blanket. Of course my kid would have to be different, right? First of all, he plays with his toys, but just as much as those toys he's endlessly interested in buttons, levers, latches, hinges, and how anything works. This of course gets him into a lot of things we have to pull him away from. So it shouldn't be any surprise to us that his curiosity would lead him to a strange attachment object.

Here it is.

Jeff Deminski photo / Townsquare Media

Yep, one of those baby bulb syringe things. I handed him this as a safe thing for him to play with during a diaper change months ago and he's grown quite fond of it. He loves throwing balls, so this is ball-like and he gives it a good chuck when he feels like it. But it's also got the narrow tip which serves as a convenient handle for him. Plus he can get that tip all the way back to his final molars which are already coming through and it seems to give him some relief more than any other teether we try. But it's a rather strange thing to want with him all the time, isn't it?

My mother-in-law says not really. One of her sons had a weird one himself. As a toddler he grew attached to a basting brush he got ahold of one day in their kitchen. It became is BFF. He called it "Beta Beta" (I guess this was baby talk for basting brush?) and would even sleep with it. All hell would break loose if that thing fell out of his crib in the middle of the night.

So maybe it's not so weird, but you tell me. Do you remember your kids having any strange attachment items when they were very little? Leave it our comment section.

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