Several donations made to a PayPal account set up in server Dayna Morales' name have been refunded, according to reports by NBC 4 New York and MyCentral

Dayna Morales (NBC 4 New York)

NBC 4 New York reports that those who made a donation to the account after she posted a receipt left with a disapproving message about her being gay while working at the Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater received an email from PayPal explaining that their donation was being refunded to their account.

"I felt awful for her, and I thought it would be great if people could come together and donate a dollar each and make up for her tip that she lost," Brittney Stilgenbauer of Tuscon, Arizona told the television station.

Jocelyn Carlisle of New York told MyCentralJersey she received a refund as well, calling it "a good thing" if Morales had received the money "under false pretense."

Similar messages were posted on the Have A Gay Day Facebook page where Morales first posted a copy of the receipt that quickly went viral. "We're not sure who is exactly issuing the refunds but we have had 4 different people send us info that they received Paypal refunds," responded a page administrator.

Sampling of posts on Have A Gay Day Facebook page reporting refunds from PayPal account set up for Dayna Morales (Facebook)

Morales had said she was "overwhelmed" by the $3,000 donated to the account and as a former U.S. Marine was going to donate the money to the Wounded Warrior Project. However, the charity told Bridgewater Patch earlier this week they  could not verify a donation by Morales after checking their donation records by name or by zip code for Bridgewater or Bedminster where she lives.

Restaurant CEO Jack Yang told New Jersey 101.5 earlier this week that Morales set up the PayPal account and he does not know what became of donations submitted to it. Other donations sent to the restaurant are being held pending its investigation into the matter. In the meanwhile, Yang said, Morales remains on the payroll but not on the work schedule because threats have been made against her and he believes she would be in "danger."

The unnamed family Morales accused of leaving the anti-gay message on their receipt said in an email to New Jersey 101.5 they came forward with a copy of their receipt and a credit card statement showing a tip in part because, "we believe that the  people sending her money and patronizing the restaurant should know the truth."