Dayna Morales wasn't at work today. Who knows if she'll be there a month from now. She's the lesbian server at Gallop Asian Bistro who made news for her outrage over a homophobic remark written by a customer on the bill with the tip line crossed out. "I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I don't agree with your lifestyle or how you live your life" was hand written across the bill explaining to the server why she was getting stiffed. She took to Facebook to vent. Then sympathy and donations poured in.

She says she donated the thousands of dollars sent to her from kind hearted people who shared her outrage to Wounded Warriors. Now folks are looking into whether that money really made it there. Because the restaurant is looking into whether this whole thing was a hoax. Because the anonymous customer produced receipts and credit card statements showing they never wrote any such thing, never crossed out the tip line but instead tipped her 18 dollars on a 93 dollar bill. Nor are they homophobic.

Dayna Morales says the handwritten volatile note is not her handwriting. I wonder if this will get to the point of a handwriting expert being called in. So was Morales pulling a scam all along? Or was she herself victim of a hoax pulled by a co-worker who switched the checks? Hopefully time will tell. In the meantime, if it is ever proven that she did this for attention, or worse yet, for the donations, should something be done about it? She could easily lose her job. But if it's actually proven she was behind this hoax should it go further than that? Should this be considered a criminal act of fraud? Yes she says the money was donated to Wounded Warriors. Does that necessarily matter?

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