Starting tomorrow July 1st, fines for getting caught texting or talking while driving will increase  and for habitual offenders could lead to a license suspension.

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Eric Scott, who is filling in for Jim this week, asked if you think the new fines are strong enough to deter people from talking or texting on the cell phone. Or if this is just another band aid on a bigger problem?

If you receive a 3rd offense now under the new penalties, it would be a monetary fine somewhere between $600 - $800 and you could possibly lose your license for 3 months.

Is this tough enough? Or, as Eric pointed out, should we make a mandatory suspension for the first offense if you really want to get people to stop using their cell phone while driving? Even if the suspension is only a week or so, would a loss of license for the first offense be enough to stop people?

Take the poll below and let us know if you think there should be harsher fines for cell phone use while driving.