Here's a story so disturbing I don't even know quite where to begin. ran a story on a repeat sex offender that will make you sick. Read the full story and see this creep's picture here. One thing that struck me right away is how this guy actually looks like what we imagine a sex offender to look like. They rarely do. I did a lot of research on this around the time of the Megan Kanka killing back in '94. Because we were helping along the effort to get Megan's law passed, I even took a tour of the sex offender's prison in Avenel. The scariest part of it was that none of those inmates looked scary. They could have been anybody. Any random guy standing behind you to buy their lottery ticket on any given day. We would all be more comfortable if sex offenders looked like the creeps we imagine. They'd be easier to identify and easier for our children to avoid.

Like this guy. Yet someone didn't avoid him. In fact, according to the article someone had him babysitting their 3 year old boy. He was already a convicted sex offender at this time. So many questions. Who would let this guy babysit? Why does the system put this guy in prison for multiple sex offenses then let him out, put him back in for more, then let him out again? How could he now be given a sentence where he'll be eligible for parole in 13 years after raping a 3 year old boy with the history he has? He is 33 years old. He'll be 46 when eligible and will come out and do it again. This is one of the sickest stories I've seen in some time.