Back in February I wrote about the self-serve kiosks coming to Wendy's. Now Joe Votruba, on vacation in Florida, saw one in action at a McDonald's there.

This is definitely the future and the answer to entitled fast food workers demanding $15 per hour. Wendy's said they expect to have 1,000 locations nationwide equipped by the end of this year. With more than 100 Wendy's locations in Jersey you'll be seeing them here soon I'm sure. Wendy's said you'll have your choice of a flesh and blood counter person or ordering yourself at a kiosk. I don't know what the system was in the McDonald's Joe V. went to but we'll get that story when he's back from his trip.

In an online poll we conducted in February when Wendy's made their announcement 78% said they will use the self-serve kiosks as they will be quick and convenient. It's hard to argue otherwise. And the only mistakes you'll deal with on the ordering end are the ones you make yourself. Research says the younger a person is the more likely they will favor self-serve.

Some won't use it out of protest for the lost jobs. But hasn't any technology advancement always meant losing jobs in one area while creating them in another? When refrigerators came along it put the ice man out of work but the refrigerator repairman was well set. It will be the same here, and certainly higher skilled and more desirable jobs than working the counter at a burger joint. Fast food workers who decry this innovation have no one to blame but themselves with their ridiculous demands to double their pay.

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