The Jet Star roller coaster. Sodl's. The huge statue of a guy who looked like Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman that stood like a sentry on the rooftop miniature golf.

My entire life has had Seaside Heights as a part of it. It's where my parents took me every single summer growing up. It's where I have visited at least once every summer. Even when I've lived in other states I always made it back home here at least once a summer and included Seaside Heights in my trip.

The Sky Ride, and counting the flip flops that had fallen from riders feet onto the roof tops of buildings as we passed overhead. The smells of Jersey pizza mixed with warm sun tan oil and salt air. My own little boy's first boardwalk kiddie ride on the very same pier that crashed into the sea.

I was broke when I was married the first time. We were wed on the beach at Island Beach State Park just south, and spent a four day weekend honeymooning in Seaside Heights. It didn't feel at all 'low rent'.

My first haunted house as a child. My grandmother buying me an italian ice as night fell and the boardwalk lights came on. Skee-Ball with my father. Skee-Ball with my son.

The beach house there that my uncle Stan let us use one weekend, and where my dad sat up with me after my mom and brother had gone to bed. I wasn't tired yet but he was, and I asked him why he was staying up. He said, "Because someday you'll be grown and I won't be able to do this anymore."

My dad died 12 years ago. Just like him, the memories of Seaside Heights will live in my heart forever.

God bless you, Jersey Shore.