By Jeff Deminski

An animal cruelty case against a Brick Township couple for allegedly abusing a cocker spaniel named Sammy has been postponed.

Keith Morgan and Shauna Ewing Morgan have not accepted a plea and a second pre-trial hearing is expected to take place sometime in August. Judge Robert LePore said if a plea is not reached at that point a trial would most likely be scheduled for the end of September.

150 people stood watching the couple in the crowded court. Many people who are animal lovers have been traveling from many states away to these court proceedings to support Sammy the dog.

Before the couple was escorted out of the courtroom, a woman in the back yelled out, “Go kill yourself!”

The judge immediately demanded to find out who hollered and bring them out of the courtroom.

Turns out it was a Sharon Schettina from Staten Island, NY. She says she yelled out to the couple that they should kill themselves because she was angry they got a postponement and were allowed to go another month.