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1) Governor Christie Undergoes Lap-Band Stomach Surgery – What Influenced Him? [POLL]. And if you’ve lost weight, how’ve you done it?

2) According to CBS New York - 17 Teens Arrested At Underage Drinking Party In Ridgewood, N.J. – How old were you when you had your first drink?

3) Second Grade Teacher Allegedly Taped Students’ Mouths Shut – Too Much? And how were you disciplined back in the day?

4) College Kids Rioting – Do Cops Provoke Them or Are They Just a bunch of schmeckles? [POLL]

5) Is 911 a Joke - Trenton Man Held Off Intruder for a Half Hour Before Cops Arrived – Should you take matters into your own hands?

6) Reality TV shows Duck Dynasty and American Pickers are hits? What’s Your Favorite Reality Show?

7) Do you mind being under surveillance all the time? The growth of surveillance cameras is booming in N.J. it’s the question on the home page at!

8) What to do with Tamerlin’s Body? [VIDEO]

9) What excuses have you used to get out of traffic tickets? Do you feel it’s wise to take the cop on?

10) Bedminster Will Spend $180G to Build Turtle Tunnels Under Road – Wise to Spend the Money? [POLL]

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