Last month it was Delafest ,the party that eventually turned into a riot when cops showed up amid reports indicated that revelers were creating an unsafe atmosphere.

You remember how Rutgers students were atop roofs in danger of collapse, and once the cops showed, they began burning furniture in the street.
Big fun!

They said the cops started it! And the neighbors stuck up for them.

A riot with no purpose, not that riots have a purpose; but back in the day if us college kids rioted, which I didn’t, it was to protest the war.

Today you riot when you’re having a good time.

Are today’s college kids completely out of control?

Turns out, it happened again, only this time in suburban Philly.
According to this,3 kids were arrested in a West Chester party gone wild.

The party was at a house in the 400 block of South Walnut Street, an area long known for off-campus housing and big parties. Shortly before 1 p.m., police broke up the gathering, with an estimated 500 people pouring onto the street, blocking traffic, jumping atop moving vehicles, and chanting. Many people refused to leave, and one group flipped a car onto its side.

West Chester senior Alexis Johnson, 22, who lives down the street, and her housemate, Maria Martin, said, "It was complete chaos," "It was almost like we weren't in West Chester anymore," she said. "It was like something out of a movie."

Three were arrested as police cleared the scene, and several other cars were damaged, but no injuries were reported, said Police Chief Scott Bohn. The police are reviewing video footage and photos taken from the scene, he said, and additional arrests may be made.

In a statement, West Chester University said the school would work with police to discipline any students who were found to be in violation of the code of conduct.

The party was affiliated with "I'm Shmacked," which refers to a series of short YouTube videos depicting college life and parties at schools around the country. The "I'm Shmacked" brand was started in 2010 by Lower Merion High School graduate Jeffie Ray and George Washington University student Arya Toufanian. They produced the first such video, which featured Temple University students partying and going to a concert.

Since then, the company name has been used to promote college parties from coast to coast.
Partygoers on Saturday paid $15 to attend, police said, so many were angered when the festivities were shut down after just a few hours. "It was a bit of a flash point," Bohn said.

So it pretty much mirrors the Rutgers deal. Party happens, starts to get out of control; cop’s arrives, chaos ensues.

Or as my grandmother would say, “…chieste criaturrue sono tutta’ pazz”! (These kids are crazy! Time to bring back the “Rossi Glossary!)

Who’s to blame – college kids or cops for riot at “Schmacked?” And are college kids out of control today?