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Here’s some of what’s in store tonight:

Live Like You Were Dying – What’s Your “Bucket List?”

Dallas Spanish Teacher Once Posed Nude for Playboy – Should She Be Teaching? [POLL] – Hottest teacher you had in school.

Immigration Reform – Now or Not at All? [POLL] Should we grand 11 million or so illegal immigrants a path to citizenship?

Do you believe the Governor is on the wrong side of history in his opposition to gay marriage?

Washington Redskins Owner Won’t Change Name of the Team – Should He? [POLL]

Which version of the iPhone do you like the best – or do you not prefer an iPhone at all.

The New iPhone now selling for just $45. Which version of it do you prefer?

What’s really in your chicken nuggets? Would you still eat it if you knew?

Your thoughts - State Dept. Makes $5 Million Purchase ahead of shutdown.

Did you have a favorite watering hole or hangout back in the day?

Are you taking part in the 'Truckers for the Constitution' rally October 11th?

What have you done to annoy your neighbors? A purple home on one block pisses off neighbors.

New Jersey’s Next Plague is Here: Stink Bugs – How Do You Get Rid of Them?

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