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1) A Pennsylvania Town Forces Drivers Over to Ask for Cheek Swabs for Federal Study – Your Thoughts.

3) Ever bagged anyone parking in a handicapped spot that wasn’t handicapped?

5) What brushes have you had with wildlife?

6) Ever been the victim of a carjacking or an attempted carjacking – The jacking of the Friedland Range Rover from the Short Hills Mall isn’t the first one. One was also carjacked from Jersey City street.

8) Have You Ever Been stuck by Ice Sliding off the top of another vehicle? Ice slices woman's face after it falls off truck, breaks through windshield on Route 80.

9) If you were a practicing Catholic, has the new Pope’s attitude brought you back to church?

10) What’s the longest stretch of time you’ve ever worked? A 24 year old copywriter tweets about working 30 hours in a row, and dies the next day.

13) Who, in your mind, is the best music act not to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

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