Pothole-filling season is underway for the New Jersey Department of Transportation.Thanks to mild weather this past winter, though, work for the NJDOT maintenance crews hasn't been as plentiful.

Spring is traditionally the busy time of year for road crews because fluctuating temperatures help produce potholes. However, the Garden State saw close to zero snowstorms during the 2011-2012 winter, as well as pleasant temperatures when compared to past years.

"Thus far, in Fiscal Year 2012, we have filled 81,000 potholes," said NJDOT's Tim Greeley. Crews filled about 108,000 potholes at the same time last year.

Still, the Department urges drivers to report any "craters" they may see on Jersey's roadways. Potholes can create safety hazards and cause damage to vehicles.

Greeley said another factor contributing to fewer potholes is major roadway rehabilitation investments in recent years.

"The Department has devoted more and more resources, in our past couple capital programs, toward full-depth roadway rehabilitation projects," he said. The projects benefited heavily-traveled roads like I-295, I-78 and I-80.

Greeley said the drop in the number of potholes has not only been good news for drivers, but for the Department as well. He said it has allowed crews to be reallocated for other tasks like grass mowing, litter clean-up and graffiti removal.