American Traffic Solutions is a contracted company hired by NJ municipalities to install and operate the red light camera surveillance systems that have been sending you tickets through the mail. They've released this 'scary' video to show...what? much they are needed? To convince you to not protest against the red light photo enforcement? Yes, a video showing only the worst of the worst or the closest of close calls IS scary, of course.

Imagine though, if they showed instead a video of the vast majority of the red light camera clicks that show NO close calls whatsoever and people who are picking up only the SLIGHTEST bit of a red light before making it through an intersection. In other words, this video will claim it's all about urging you to not run red lights. But that's not what this company wants.

If you didn't run red lights, they'd be out of business, and they're making a fortune. They want people in NJ to continue to run red lights, and they want this video to scare you into believing that you NEED these red light camera systems, a big cha-ching in their cash register of course. Also, if we truly NEED these red light camera systems so much, ask yourself a question about these collisions caught on these cameras in this video...why didn't it stop them from happening?