After hearing the racist rant hurled at Ft. Lauderdale Dunkin Donuts worker, 18 year old Abid Adar, by the extremely irate customer, Taylor Chapman; you had to ask yourself if the job was worth it.

Having to deal with a stream of obscenities that would have made a sailor blush, and on top of that having an anti-Arab slur thrown in for good measure would have driven me to throw a cup of freshly hot Dunkin Donuts coffee in the bizahche’s face!

But that’s me.

Young Abid was the quintessence of composure.

Check it out:

And for his demeanor in the face of a brutal verbal onslaught, he and his coworker are to be rewarded for their patience.

The Florida Dunkin' Donuts employees who endured a foul-mouthed tirade from an hostile customer have been hailed for showing grace under pressure — and one admirer wants to reward them with a big pile of dough.

Counterman Abid Adar and his co-worker, identified as Nithi, were praised by the Fort Lauderdale franchise's owner for keeping their cool while cracked Coolatta guzzler Taylor Chapman, 27, unleashed her racist rant over a forgotten receipt, a Dunkin' Donuts spokesperson said.

"The franchise owner of the restaurant has reached out to the crew member privately to express and demonstrate his personal appreciation," Michelle King, Dunkin's PR chief, said in an email.

"Additionally, Dunkin' Brands' leadership has reached out to the two crew members featured in the video. Both have been invited to an internal company event in Boca Raton later this month for further recognition."

Chapman claimed Nithi didn't honor the company's policy of comping her meal after forgetting to give her a receipt the night before.

In a bizarre attempt to embarrass the workers, the one-time low-budget spokesmodel filmed herself threatening and insulting the pair, at one point calling Nithi "a little f--- sand n----."

The video went viral on Sunday and Monday, and the Nova Southeastern University grad's been vilified for terrorizing the hard-working donut slingers, who toil for around $8 an hour.

According to The Smoking Gun, Adar, 18, has dreams of becoming a doctor and starts college at Florida Atlantic University in the fall.

One admirer wants to help him get a head start on his tuition payments and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $10,000 for the two.

On a website for the campaign, called "Sorry Abid Adar and Nithi," organizer Carl Speed, wrote, "I wanted to counteract this swarm of negativity that happened to these two, by giving them a foot up in pursuit of their education and careers."
Speed, of San Antonio, Tex., said any money raised will be split equally between Adar and Nithi.

More than $1,000 was raised by midday Wednesday.

Carl Speed, making right of a terribly wrong situation. And counter people Abid and Nithi for their composure!

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