I know we’ve had a number of rat stories lately, with the video of a rat in the Dunkin Donuts and the video of the rat on the New York subway, but a house in Australia had its ceiling collapse because of rat activity.

I remember moving into a newly built house and discovering mice; when I asked how that could happen, one of the builders told me that the rodents often move in before the house is finished and have already started breeding before you move in. Maybe that’s what happened in Australia, because the house was only four months old! The ceiling actually fell on the homeowner, who says that neither her insurance company nor the builder are willing to pay. She has found bite marks on pipes and says she has nine leaks in the house along with her collapsed ceiling. Curiously, though, she hasn’t spotted any rats, just their handiwork. If you want to read more about how much damage rats can do, check out the full article here.