Remember a week or two ago when I wrote about how much I hate pumpkin carving and how bad I am at it? Here's the proof. Carved this bad boy, bad in a bad way, this past weekend. Tonight it will shine at our door in all its lack of glory.

Now a few things you need to know here. My son designed this. He first told me he wanted a "cyclops" pumpkin, so I drew it out on a piece of paper with one eye. He said, "No, a cyclops pumpkin with two other eyes."

"So you want a three eyed pumpkin?"

"Yes, a cyclops with two other eyes."

Then he sketched it out on his own paper exactly how he wanted it. I think he's learned over the years if it's not triangle eyes and other straight lines, dad's not making it happen. In other words, he graded me on a curve, he gave me the pity sketch making it within my limited range, and voila, here's the finished product. He of course thinks it's awesome. The world knows the truth.