Andre Johnson, a rapper who performs under the name Christ Bearer and who's been a member of hip hop group called Northstar that was associated with the Wu-Tang Clan family, had a rather odd incident yesterday. Police say he cut off his own penis then threw himself off an apartment building. He survived the fall.

Johnson, along with his recovered penis (that job has to go to the rookie on the force), was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was being treated. No word on why he did it. My money is on bath salts. No word on reattachment. My money is on no. The hospital wouldn't comment on success or failure but TMZ was reporting reattachment was a failure.

People who were with him at the time say they were doing no hard drugs that would have caused him to do this. My money still on bath salts. They say he just suddenly got up, cut off his penis, and threw himself off the building. I almost want it to be drugs, because this version is even freakier.