Prosecutors say an Old Bridge supermarket employee who gunned down two co-workers and then killed himself there did not argue with or speak to any colleagues before he initially left the store.

Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan revealed Saturday afternoon that 23-year-old Terence Tyler, a former Marine, was armed with a WASR-10  assault-style rifle and two other weapons when he returned to the Old Bridge Pathmark the morning of Friday, August 31.

Kaplan says Tyler legally obtained the weapons while in California but the rifle was illegally modified.


Kaplan says Tyler also misrepresented certain details in applications to purchase the weapons. He brought the guns with him when he moved to New Jersey in June, and Kaplan says the rifle Tyler had is illegal in New Jersey.

Tyler left the store, changed into camouflage clothing and returned with 3 weapons said Kaplan according to the Star Ledger. Tyler was not wearing a bullet-proof vest as witnesses had told police dispatchers on 911 calls he was.

He began firing at the store as he approached from the parking lot, aiming at an unidentified employee but missed. That employee ran into the store to warn the others inside. Tyler entered the store, randomly shooting inside the store and at the windows in the front, shattering them.

18 year old Cristina LoBrutto and 24 year old Bryan Breen were each killed by a single gunshot. Tyler took his own life.