A funeral was held on Sunday for Old Bridge supermarket shooter Terence Tyler in Brooklyn.

Family members gathered to remember the former Marine who shot 16 rounds inside the Pathmark supermarket, taking the lives of co-workers 18-year-old Cristina LoBrutto & 24-year-old Bryan Breen before turning the gun on himself.

“Something was going on inside him,” his uncle, Christopher Dyson told the Star Ledger's Mark DiIonno. “He was in some kind of pain. He caused a lot of pain, a real lot of pain, but he must have been in a lot of pain, too.”

Christopher also works at the Old Bridge Pathmark as a maintenance man and expected to be "shunned" by fellow employees at a meeting held before the store reopened on Friday.

Instead, he was welcomed. "I went in and told them how sorry I am, how sorry all my family is,” he told the Star Ledger . “I told them we can’t express enough remorse. And they all told me how sorry they were for our loss, too. Those Pathmark people are like family, and the way they treated me was lovely. We all shed a lot of tears in there, a lot of tears.”

Tyler's grandmother, Mary Dyson, said he “He was never right after she died,” Mary Dyson said. “He never really cried, he kept it inside. But he was so sad. He never talked about it, but he was never the same.”