I started the hour talking about how silly this entire Pokemon Go craze is getting here in NJ. You have gamers walking across  people's property, through parks, recreation centers and museums to capture fictional characters! I couldn't believe that this was turning into such a phenomenon virtually over night.

But as the hour progressed and more listeners called in, I started to change my stance. Callers started telling me stories of how they've never seen so many kids outside playing and how, even as adults, many are having fun playing along with the game as well.

I went from thinking that Pokemon Go was ridiculous to downloading the app in less than an hour. My biggest apprehension was that I would have to create a new password. I keep all my passwords on a piece of paper and quite frankly, I wasn't looking forward to creating another. But the peril of having another password didn't stop me, as I was all in!

So I made the decision to sign up! I signed up for the Pokemon Trainer Club and of course, my excitement was halted as I was actually put on hold to become a member! So I went from making fun of it, to becoming part of the craze, to having my excitement put on hold as I wait to become a member of the Pokemon Trainer Club. You just can't make it up folks!

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