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4) Do you feel the Anti bullying law is more trouble than it’s worth? The N.J. education commissioner has decided to uphold a couple of decisions to discipline school bullies…but at what cost?

5) Do you think you can go a week without cursing? The girls at a school in North Arlington were told to take a pledge not to swear for a week….not the boys…just the girls.

6) A little South Jersey love….who are the biggest celebrities to come out of South Jersey now that Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco (from Autoban) is getting his props?

7) February 4th is Facebook's 9th birthday? Have you been able to do without it…or has it turned into an addiction where you need to tell the world of everything you do each second of the day?

9) Should a High school student have been suspended for making a school issued computer’s desktop background a gun picture with a flag?
You be the judge.

10) Even with the eventual opening of the Amazon warehouse in Robbinsville bringing in 14 hundred jobs in March, do you feel we do enough to keep jobs here…are you about to be laid off…and do you have a fallback plan?

11) Do you have room for one more tattoo…and if so…what would you get? A tattoo parlor in Knowlton is going to do a tattoo marathon to help a local kid with muscular dystrophy.

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