Jim spoke about this topic at great length yesterday (7/11). It started out as a discussion on the drug problem in NJ and morphed into a "what you need to know" segment regarding prescription medication.

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The entire segment started yesterday with Jim discussing the plight of a caller named Linda, who has frequented the show. Linda has a son who has been in trouble in the past  due a bad dug problem and actually got assistance for her son by calling in to Jim's show and the Ask the Governor program.

The following is the audio of Jim beginning the discussion:

Right after Jim started discussing the topic, Linda called in to give an update on her son and the feedback she has received from other parents since reaching out for assistance for her son.

You can listen to Linda's segment with Jim below.


Jim went on after the discussion with Linda to discuss the addiction so many have to prescription drugs. Below are some articles to educate yourself about prescription meds and places where you can drop off expired or unwanted medication locally in NJ.

Smart Disposal


National Take Back Initiative



Ocean County Proper Medication Disposal Information



Monmouth County's Medication Drop Off Locations: