New Jersey has several cities that claim to be "sanctuary cities". This means the local authorities refuse to cooperate with the feds and immigration agencies when it comes to criminal illegal aliens. Many of these people have committed crimes and/or have warrants for their arrest.

Now Murphy, looking to pander to every imaginable left leaning group and the Hispanic population, vows to make New Jersey a "sanctuary state." Great!

Does this apply to people who violate ANY federal laws? Because I would love to stop paying federal income taxes. Hell I don't even get a choice. They confiscate the funds from me every two weeks before I even get my hands on the money. This would be awesome. We won't have to pay federal income taxes! We already have the highest tax burden of any state in the union, so we could really use the break.

Or does this special treatment just apply to people who sneaked in here illegally and then committed a crime? Because then that would seem unfair.

Hahahaha....of course it's only for the latter group and it's not about "doing the right thing". It's about votes. And power. And control. It always is. And the elite class that has most of the power and control will get more of it, if he gets in. And it looks like he will.

Although yesterday on our show, more people, especially young people, seem to understand what the game is here. One younger caller even said today that he hopes Murphy gets it because then the whole thing will finally collapse under the weight of his utopian, bloated government mirage that he's peddling on the campaign trail. I can't say that I disagree.

Anyone who would promise to do it the right way, wouldn't get elected due to the "special interests" that would vilify him/her. This way, there's hope the whole thing crashes and somebody hits the f---ng reset button! At this point that seems to be our only hope!

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