The NCAA came down on Penn State and they came down hard. 

Here’s a review of the sanctions set down from NCAA President Mark Emmert and Ed Ray Chairman of the NCAA’s Exective committee and Oregon State’s president,


Penn State will pay a $60 million fine. Last year alone they made 53 million from the football program.


A 4 year post-season ban.  Since many athletes play college football with the hopes of turning pro, and the best place to be seen and receive notoriety is at a bowl game on national television, this will make athletes want to leave, which brings us to….


Players may transfer play immediately at other schools. While some players like quarterback Matt McGloin support the school, McGloin tweeted “The hotter the fire the stronger the steel” others will be hearing their cell phones ringing from college coaches across the country offering those that want to turn pro, the chance to be seen at a bowl game. It’s going to be like an expansion draft. What will also make it harder for Penn State to recruit players is…


Penn State must reduce 10 initial and 20 scholarships each year for a 4-year period. As if it isn’t going to be hard enough now to get players to play for Penn State.


After obliterating Penn State’s future the NCAA then proceeded to wipe out the past with..


All wins from 1998-2011 WILL BE VACATED. This drops Joe Paterno from first on the all time wins with 409 to 12th at 298.


NCAA President Emmert , when asked why they had not done their own investigation said that the Freeh report was deeper than they would have gone plus they had the  evidence from the Jerry Sandusky trial.


The fact that Penn State has never disputed the Freeh report which concluded that university president Graham Spanier along with head coach Joe Paterno, former athletic director Tim Curley and former Vice President Gary Shultz concealed the abuse claims against Jerry Sandusky in order to shield the university and its football program from negative publicity, and that they have signed onto these sanctions, proves to me their guilt.


By the time the press conference was over, the NCAA has wiped out Penn State’s past, present, and future. Personally, I think, and I know that there are many on campus who agree with me, that they should just suspend the football program indefinitely.


Playing under these sanctions is going to reduce their bottom line dramatically as attendance will drop. They are going to be taking the field with whomever they can get,


The games will be played under the shroud of the past. I’m surprised they aren’t making the uniforms out of sack cloth and ashes, as well they should, It’s going to take years before Penn State ever becomes competitive again. It took Southern Methodist, after receiving the death penalty in 1987 and shutting itself down in 1988, until 2009 before they ever made it back to a bowl game.  If I’m Penn State, I walk away from football and focus on education. This is not over yet. We still have the Big Ten to weigh in and the trials of Athletic Director Tim Curley and Vice President Gary Shultz.


Today the NCAA cut Penn State’s wins, Now I think Penn State should cut their losses.