I read a Sports On Earth article that raises a good question that I’ve never thought of: if PED use is so abhorrent in major league sports, why is it so tolerated in the movies? It never occurred to me that actors are juicing, but they quote Tom Hardy, the actor who played Bane in the last Batman film as scoffing at the idea that he didn’t us PEDs, “What do you f*%#ing think?”

The popularity of superhero movies has apparently caused an increase in the number of Hollywood actors willing to shoot human growth hormone or steroids into their veins. It is regarded as a poorly kept secret, but if everybody knows about it, why doesn’t anyone care? Maybe its because it doesn’t offend our sense of fair play the way athletes using do; after all, the movies are make believe, not real, and there is nothing riding on the outcome. In any case, the next time you see a ripped actor on the screen, ask yourself how they got that way.