What is this?

Is it a portable Pac Man?


Maybe...a BIG wheel of cheese?


When I saw this "thing" while driving in to New Jersey 101.5, my head spun around...I had to stop the car and go back for a closer look!

"Wakka-Wakka!" (Craig Allen photo)

I would have been very unhappy if I didn't have my camera with me!

From the other direction (northbound), you can clearly see that it is a sign for a roadside "farm store."

Its....a SIGN! (Craig Allen photo)

And, to prove it, you can see the cows in the background!

Truly, I never know what I'm going to see while driving the width and breadth of our "Great Garden State!"

Take another look!

Seriously, this vehicle is about to be...eaten! (Craig Allen photo)

Jersey drivers....you're in peril...MOBILE Pac Man is gonna get you!