Only in New Jersey would the governor take a helicopter to talk about how great the roads are. When asked why he would do that replied "I am not gonna willingly, for political reasons, be engaged in an accident like Gov. Corzine was, which nearly killed him," according to I don't know about you but I feel totally safe driving in New Jersey.

Only in New Jersey would one lawmaker be trying to get the minimum wage raised to 15 dollars an hour while in Dover, the mayor voted himself a 60 percent raise. “We interrupt our private lives three to four times a week for people in the town,” the Daily Record quotes Fourth Ward Alderman Ronald Camacho, now that puts it into perspective.

And only in New Jersey, would I end up stuck behind a school bus doing 30 miles an hour on a 50 mile an hour road when there is no school. This is where my lucky star dangles in the sky!

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