By Jeff Deminski

Time to give yourself some credit. Two examples. When Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon was frustrated with the town of Edison for not releasing information to him on their red light camera program for two long months, our station covered the story.

Bill and I had Assemblyman O'Scanlon on the air the other day to talk about it. He revealed to us that he had just heard from Edison officials that they were finally handing over the statistics he was looking for, and he specifically thanked New Jersey 101.5 radio for putting the pressure on officials by covering the story. However, without you the listener, there would be no pressure. The politicians don't cave in because of New Jersey 101.5, but because they know how many of you are LISTENING to 101.5, so the credit goes to you.

Also, something that was not even mentioned on the air in any significant way but instead was posted here on the Deminski and Doyle page was a story about a military family trying to raise money to bring their beloved family dog home to New Jersey from Alaska. They only had one third of the money needed raised when we posted their story. Less than a day later they had more than enough.

You guys make it all happen here. It's a team effort. We're all in this together, us hosts are just the closest to the mics. Thank you for listening!